This page refers to the species, also simply known as the "mother races", that exist within Aer. All races have several subraces, which are known as breeds.

The first race on Aer was the Aalim, known more commonly as the Old Ones. The Old Ones are respected by all the races of Aer, as they led the other races into creation. As thanks for this, most races name themselves in the language of the Old Ones, Aalimish.


The term "Myl" comes from the Old One's language, and means "creations". It is widely thought that the Old Ones personally designed the very first iterations of the Myl, the ancesters of modern Myl.

Known Myl races:


The whole of the Lim include the Aalim (the Old Ones) and their successors. Modern Lim are generally held in high regard and sometimes even revered by the races of Myl, but are mocked and shunned by the Vek who flaunt their eldership over the younger Lim races. Lim means "us" in Aalimish.

Known Lim races:


As the Old Ones have long since died out, the Dragons, followed by the Basilisks, are the oldest surviving race in Aer. Over the centuries, the Vek have taunted the other races with their "Elder Superiority". In the language of the Old Ones Vek means "brothers", as the Dragons and the Old Ones veiwed eachother as equals.

Known Vek races:

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